Release Notes


Release Date: 01 November 2023
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-1342, AN-1353, AN-1343 New Feature Patient/Add, Patient/Maintain, Patient/Details
New Genetics data collection variables
see New Variable Information - Genetic Testing for Primary Kidney Disease
Attribute Type Code Comment
GeneticTestCode String (10) Yes No Codes
GeneticTestDiagnosisCode String (10) Yes No Unknown Codes Must be provided when PKDGeneticTestCode is Y.
CausativeGeneCode String (10) PKD Causative Gene Codes Must be provided when PKDGeneticTestDiagnosisCode is Y.
AN-1312, AN-1313 New Feature Patient/Add, Dialysis/Maintain
New First catheter insertion date for acute PD start variable
see New Variable Information - First Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion Date
Attribute Type Comment
PeritonealDialysis.FirstPDCInsertDate Date Only specified at First PD treatment.
AN-1113 New Feature Patient/Treatment, Patient/TreatmentTransfer
New hybrid Course of Treatment code options for 'TreatmentCode'
see New Variable Information - Hybrid Dialysis
Code Description
EB APD/IPD Hybrid (with Hospital HD)
ED APD/IPD Hybrid (with Satellite HD)
MB CAPD Hybrid (with Hospital HD)
MD CAPD Hybrid (with Satellite HD)


Release Date: 08 November 2022
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-1010 New Feature Patient/Add, Patient/Details, Patient/Maintain Removal of old fields 'PrimaryRenalDiseaseCode' and 'PrimaryRenalDiseaseOther'.
Addition of replacement field 'PrimaryKidneyDiseaseCode' inline with ERA-EDTA Registry PRD codes.
ANZDATA code type: 'Primary Kidney Disease Codes'
AN-1088 New Feature Transplant/Maintain, Transplant/DailyDrugDose, Transplant/Weight, Transplant/SerumCreatinine Transplant anniversary data to be yearly from 2022 survey collection.
New 'Tx Drug Dose Months Codes' available for all years previously not collected between 1st and 50th anniversary.
AN-982 Improvement TeachPd/Maintain New BR for TEACH-PD: Status date must be on or before today's date.


Release Date: 13 September 2022
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-632ImprovementCore application update for improved patient access.
AN-985ImprovementModify API 'Facility Codes' screen for hierarchy changes (removed 'N' and added display for End Date.)
AN-946BugPatient/AddTreatment SequenceNo set to 0 for initial treatment on Patient Add


Release Date: 14 October 2021
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-403New FeatureReleaseNotesCreate new API Release Notes page
AN-729BugPatient/AddRemove graft failure data points from Patient/Add sample request
AN-680ImprovementTransplant/RejectionEpisodeTransplant Rejection - Antibody and T-Cell Mediated fields change available value options to "Y - Yes" and "N - No"
AN-688ImprovementDialysis/MaintainSupress HD or PD 'data not provided' warning message when data not expected for API
AN-323New FeaturePatient/PaediatricNew Maintain Paediatric endpoint (Paediatric/Maintain)
AN-324New FeatureParenthoodOutcome/MaintainNew Parenthood Outcome maintain end point (ParenthoodOutcome/Maintain)


Release Date: 11 May 2021
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-721ImprovementPatient/AddDisplay warning message for missing comorbidities on patient registration (new BR)
AN-711ImprovementPatient/Treatment, Patient/TreatmentTransferW - Withdrawal from dialysis' treatment is required when a 'Z - Date of Death' reason code is reported as a withdrawal from dialysis (new BR)
AN-690Bug FixDialysis/Maintain, Dialysis/PeritonitisEpisodePD Number of Episodes vs Episode record count validation issue returned even when number = count
AN-684ImprovementDialysis/MaintainDialysis submission - required error returned when data not provided
AN-682Bug FixRequest logs incomplete
AN-661New FeatureTeachPd/MaintainDisplay warning message when TEACH PD enrolment date is not the same as the first PD treatment date
AN-659Bug FixTeachPd/MaintainTEACH PD enrolment email not sent out when Enrolment Date is before IRRT Date
AN-655ImprovementRevert Date-Time Format Changes In Help Documentation
AN-617ImprovementAPI documentation JSON sample request "$id"
AN-610ImprovementTeachPd/MaintainTEACH PD enrolment date before first RRT date warning message
AN-536Bug FixTeachPd/MaintainTEACH PD infection record created when api user has no TEACH PD access