Release Notes


Release Date: 08 November 2022
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-1010 New Feature Patient/Add, Patient/Details, Patient/Maintain Removal of old fields 'PrimaryRenalDiseaseCode' and 'PrimaryRenalDiseaseOther'.
Addition of replacement field 'PrimaryKidneyDiseaseCode' inline with ERA-EDTA Registry PRD codes.
ANZDATA code type: 'Primary Kidney Disease Codes'
AN-1088 New Feature Transplant/Maintain, Transplant/DailyDrugDose, Transplant/Weight, Transplant/SerumCreatinine Transplant anniversary data to be yearly from 2022 survey collection.
New 'Tx Drug Dose Months Codes' available for all years previously not collected between 1st and 50th anniversary.
AN-982 Improvement TeachPd/Maintain New BR for TEACH-PD: Status date must be on or before today's date.


Release Date: 13 September 2022
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-632ImprovementCore application update for improved patient access.
AN-985ImprovementModify API 'Facility Codes' screen for hierarchy changes (removed 'N' and added display for End Date.)
AN-946BugPatient/AddTreatment SequenceNo set to 0 for initial treatment on Patient Add


Release Date: 14 October 2021
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-403New FeatureReleaseNotesCreate new API Release Notes page
AN-729BugPatient/AddRemove graft failure data points from Patient/Add sample request
AN-680ImprovementTransplant/RejectionEpisodeTransplant Rejection - Antibody and T-Cell Mediated fields change available value options to "Y - Yes" and "N - No"
AN-688ImprovementDialysis/MaintainSupress HD or PD 'data not provided' warning message when data not expected for API
AN-323New FeaturePatient/PaediatricNew Maintain Paediatric endpoint (Paediatric/Maintain)
AN-324New FeatureParenthoodOutcome/MaintainNew Parenthood Outcome maintain end point (ParenthoodOutcome/Maintain)


Release Date: 11 May 2021
Issue No. Type End Point Description
AN-721ImprovementPatient/AddDisplay warning message for missing comorbidities on patient registration (new BR)
AN-711ImprovementPatient/Treatment, Patient/TreatmentTransferW - Withdrawal from dialysis' treatment is required when a 'Z - Date of Death' reason code is reported as a withdrawal from dialysis (new BR)
AN-690Bug FixDialysis/Maintain, Dialysis/PeritonitisEpisodePD Number of Episodes vs Episode record count validation issue returned even when number = count
AN-684ImprovementDialysis/MaintainDialysis submission - required error returned when data not provided
AN-682Bug FixRequest logs incomplete
AN-661New FeatureTeachPd/MaintainDisplay warning message when TEACH PD enrolment date is not the same as the first PD treatment date
AN-659Bug FixTeachPd/MaintainTEACH PD enrolment email not sent out when Enrolment Date is before IRRT Date
AN-655ImprovementRevert Date-Time Format Changes In Help Documentation
AN-617ImprovementAPI documentation JSON sample request "$id"
AN-610ImprovementTeachPd/MaintainTEACH PD enrolment date before first RRT date warning message
AN-536Bug FixTeachPd/MaintainTEACH PD infection record created when api user has no TEACH PD access